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ICO Greenercoin

Energy and Utilities

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Greenercoin ICO

ICO Description

Greenercoin ICO is a unique opportunity to be an early investor in the first green certified blockchain and to have access to many exclusive benefits. We are currently in the phase of the private sale.


In fact, Greenercoin aims to encourage miners to use neutral carbon resources and in that way offers an alternative, secure and rapid mean for exchanges than other cryptocurrencies may provide (20 times faster than Bitcoin). 


Greenercoin is the only coin that solves the two biggest problems of cryptocurrencies huge consumption of energy and the use of non clean energy. 


Greenercoin solved those problems with low energy consumption cryptocurrency and 100% clean energy. GNC is only mined by clean energy (0 gas emission). Moreover, blockchain technology used in Greenercoin has a power in driving social impact because of it network and the principle of sharing. 


The objective is to be a reference in a sustainable market.


Be mindful that nowadays, cryptocurrency market is equal to 3T$, which represents the GDP of France, and a willingness to accept cryptocurrency as payment mode across the world will grant a sustainable development.


Having Greenercoin is equivalent to having a statement to save humanity, earth and the future of your children.


The community of Greenercoin had a clear strategy (partnerships, campaigns and social media) to use the immense potential of this coin and make the difference.


Our private sale started February 27th 2023 and will end in April 15th 2023. The number of coins for investors for this phase : 1 500 000 (3% total supply)
Our Softcap is : 50 000$ / Hardcap is : 250 000$
Our pre-sale or pre ICO starts on May 1st 2023 and ends on May 15th 2023. The number of coins for investors is : 3 000 000 (6% Total supply)
Our Softcap is : 250 000$ / Hardcap is : 2 000 000$ 
Our ICO starts on June 1st 2023 and ends on June 15th 2023. the number of coins for investors is : 3 000 000 (6%total supply)



✅ ICO Greenercoin details

ICO Details

ICO «Greenercoin» ICO Start: 06 01 2023

ICO «Greenercoin» ICO End: 06 15 2023

ICO «Greenercoin» Symbol: GNC

ICO «Greenercoin» Platform: Polygon

ICO «Greenercoin» PreICO Start: 2023-05-01

ICO «Greenercoin» PreICO End: 2023-05-15

ICO «Greenercoin» Private Sale Start: 2023-02-27

ICO «Greenercoin» Private Sale Finish: 2023-04-15

ICO «Greenercoin» Offering Type: ICO

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