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ICO Description

The implementation of GLOBUS global platform will allow to reduce production costs, increase demand, which will spur the manufacturer to increase the output of necessary goods and, consequently, the growth of demand for fast, cheap and understandable transport logistics. All the complexities that arise in relations between subjects can be minimized. If this is not started now, then in time it will only hinder development.

To understand how the logistics chains in the world look, take a pencil and draw them all on the map. And now imagine that you need to find among them all the most optimal option. In every thread that you draw, there are many more nodules that need to be unraveled. Each nodule is an agent that participates in the operation. Each end point of the thread is also considered an agent. And they all have to interact with each other. This multi-agent implies the need to take into account the actions of all the links that are next to you and are woven into your logistics chain. How long will you take apart each thread and check its validity? How much time will you need? GLOBUS will cut that stage. It will also provide almost 100% guarantee for the fulfillment of the contract and 100% guarantee for the preservation of the funds of the subjects of relations.

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ICO Details

ICO «GLOBUS» ICO Start: 2017-09-15

ICO «GLOBUS» ICO End: 2017-11-13


ICO «GLOBUS» Platform: Ethereum

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