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ICO Ghost Protocol


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Ghost Protocol ICO

ICO Description

ICO Ghost Protocol Token (GPT) focuses on decentralized adoption of cryptocurrencies. through community-driven projects, the team believes that GPT is relevant in the DeFi market, competition, solutions, business advantages. over time, the vision will be expanded and plan to have a bigger impact in the market. 
GPT is not just a token, but also a digital exchange medium used to transact in NFT trading. it was developed by the team as it sees increasing interest in the NFT market all the time. So with the combination of tokens and NFT in DeFi, GPT along with utilities in the form of swap, farming, and staking are expected to be able to provide the best not only in terms of price but also impact on value.  

✅ ICO Ghost Protocol details

ICO Details

ICO «Ghost Protocol» ICO Start: 2023-01-01

ICO «Ghost Protocol» ICO End: 2023-03-26

ICO «Ghost Protocol» Symbol: GPT

ICO «Ghost Protocol» Platform: POLYGON

ICO «Ghost Protocol» Private Sale Start: 2022-11-01

ICO «Ghost Protocol» Private Sale Finish: 2022-12-31

ICO «Ghost Protocol» Offering Type: ICO

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