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ICO Gath3r

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Gath3r ICO

ICO Gath3r Description:

ICO Description

Gath3r adopts a new approach to in-browser mining with the introduction of a versatile native coin along with merged mining. The GTH coin works well with both browsers and apps, and has no UI issues, thus allowing new and existing coins to use Gath3r’s hashrate. Ultimately, this new model provides better profitability for web-miners, less centralization and a solution to a host of other issues commonly associated with new coins and low hash rates.

By integrating merged mining – the mining of two coins simultaneously from the similar algorithm – Gath3r offers additional benefits to miners as well. New coins looking to launch could fork of GTH into XYZ -G, which effectively allows them to utilize the hashrate of Gath3r. Thus solving consensus issues and keeping their chain safe.

Giving lesser-known cryptocurrencies the chance to have their coins merge mined with the Gath3r blockchain will help secure the newer and less popular blockchain. It’s about making things easier and more rewarding for miners by increasing their chances of gaining a reward for their work without much-added cost. Our vision for Gath3r is a new in-browser that provides more utility to both miners and website owners alongside enhanced security, user experience and functionality.


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⭐ Gath3r ICO details:

Gath3r ICO ICO Details

Gath3r ICO Start: 05 27 2019

Gath3r ICO End: 05 28 2019

Gath3r Symbol: GTH

Gath3r Platform: ETHEREUM

Gath3r Offering Type: IEO

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