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⭐ Gaming & VR

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November 1, 2017 ● AMP Version link

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VIARIUM is a virtual reality platform for selling goods and services using internal tokens and traditional fiat money. VIARIUM is a tool that will...

ICO Description

The foundational services of ICO applications in the global games industry are huge, and is committed to becoming the most promising company to complete this mission, with virtual currency transactions being our big opportunity.

G coins are a name created by based on the Ethereum ERC20 standard. The complete name is GTC. G coins are designed to be the Bitcoin of the games industry! Whatever Bitcoin can do, our plan is that G coins can do the same, but for the games industry. Presently, the most common uses for Bitcoin, ETH, etc. are to be traded as a virtual currency on trading platforms, all the while acting as the mainstream virtual currency for purchasing other virtual currencies (Our is a trading platform for game-related virtual currencies), for virtual currencies that are part of ICO (Our is a game ICO distribution platform), the main investment currency for the blockchain market (GToken on our In more and more countries and markets, bitcoin is able to be used for purchases (with our (Game Me) instant messaging service, we aim to have the world’s largest game messaging service, using nothing more than a universal ID for all players worldwide. Players connect all over the world through Game Connect, which will become the largest distributor of HTML5 mobile games. The aim is that all gamers worldwide have a universal ID, and G coins become the new payment standard. We will make universal IDs and G coins the standard, used in all game-related markets.)

ICO Details

ICO «» ICO Start: October 10, 2017

ICO «» ICO Finish: November 30, 2017

ICO «» Symbol: GTC

ICO «» Platform: Ethereum

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