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Galobank ICO

ICO Galobank Description:

ICO Description

Galobank, the bank that will be built from crypto and for crypto. Galobank is the first bank that will have it’s own EVM blockchain. We are building the first bank that will be completely crypto oriented, Galobank. We like to say that it will be a bank created from crypto and for crypto.

Crypto is evolving fast and every year there are more people who start getting involved, using it and starting to understand what it means and what can it do for the people, but there are still many difficulties in buying or selling it, but also in accessing Defi. This is a real problem that is holding adoption. Galobank will solve this situation.

We will offer traditional finance services, you will have your own and unique account with its IBAN/ABA code, where you will be able to receive funds, make transfers, view your balance, control your finance, but also you will be able to work in up to 18 different currencies, like Euro, USD, CAD, GBP, RUPEE, YEN,… You will also have your own VISA card with cashbacks.

In the crypto area, you will have wallets to hold over 250 tokens, receive, send, stake, trade in between them within the app.

Galobank will be the first bank to have its own EVM blockchain, with its native token, GALO. Currently it is in testnet, but it is fully accessible and operational.

What we pretend is to facilitate the access to defi, as there won’t be need of having to follow long strings of transactions in order to first buy crypto, then change it for the token of the chain you want to invest in, then sending it to your metamask, then changing in the DEX to finally be able to invest in the protocol you chose.

You will be able to invest directly from your app with a couple of clicks. This will really help new users get into defi and therefore the adoption. Also, the process of changing back your benefits into FIAT and spending them will be really easy.

Finally, we intend to improve the access to RWA (Real World Assets), through their tokenization and supplying companies with a way of funding themselves through crypto.

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⭐ Galobank ICO details:

Galobank ICO ICO Details

Galobank ICO Start: 05 30 2023

Galobank ICO End: 09 30 2023

Galobank Symbol: GALO

Galobank Platform: GALO Blockchain

Galobank Offering Type: ICO

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