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ICO FlyGuyz™

Gaming and VR

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ICO Description

FlyGuyz will be introducing high quality, mainstream, ultimate fighting game to the blockchain. Take your NFT character, build up your fighting skills, and fight with other characters head to head to the death!


$FLYY tokens will have a great deal of in-game utility:

Store Purchases: $FLYY will be one of a few different purchase currencies available in the in-game store
Players must hold a small amount of $FLYY tokens to participate in community events
Character upgrades & skills will only be buyable by spending $FLYY tokens.
LIFE ESSENCE: Winning battles will allow you to stack up "life essence" points. When your character is killed by a Fatality, you must use a life essence or spend $FLYY to revive yourself.
Sacred Ground: The Sacred Fighting Grounds will be ruled and governed, by the Law of the Fly. The DAO platform will encourage the community to establish and vote on the most important features and updates of the game. Collectively managing and developing ideas for the future of the game.
As we believe that $FLYY is so heavily empowered by our community, we want to decentralize leadership into different committees and task groups that can focus on social media presence, charitable efforts, blockchain development, crypto education and more. In order to be as fair as possible, DAO voting power will be given to two types of holders that have a minimum stake in the $FLYY ecosystem. Holding at least 1000 $FLYY and/or 1+ FLYGUYZ NFT will empower someone with a vote in the DAO. This minimum stake guarantees a seat at the table, but each person only has one vote in any matter. This effectively stops whales from being able to buy the vote, and decentralizes ownership to a fair point. The purpose of the DAO will be to govern the protocol, manage treasury funds and decentralize the leadership, by placing $FLYY directly into those that are the most invested. In all, $FLYY is a community driven social effort, and experiment, from its inception to end goal. From fair distribution to community governance, $FLYY aims to be the premier community token on Ethereum, with intertwined utility across NFTs, DeFi, gaming and more.


AUTOLIQUIDITY: This feature will help our token price to get stability by adding liquidity automatically to the liquidity pool.


AUTOTAX: Auto tax is a 6% transaction fee that will be imposed on every transaction which will be used for Auto-liquidity, foundation, and future development. 2% of that taxation, will be distributed amongst holders equally.


ANTIBOT: This feature prevents bots from disrupting the price action of our tokens.


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✅ ICO FlyGuyz™ details

ICO Details

ICO «FlyGuyz™» ICO Start: 2022-08-20

ICO «FlyGuyz™» ICO End: 2022-10-30

ICO «FlyGuyz™» Symbol: FLYY

ICO «FlyGuyz™» Platform: Ethereum

ICO «FlyGuyz™» PreICO Start: 2022-08-10

ICO «FlyGuyz™» PreICO End: 2022-08-19

ICO «FlyGuyz™» Private Sale Start: 2022-08-20

ICO «FlyGuyz™» Private Sale Finish: 2022-09-10

ICO «FlyGuyz™» Offering Type: ICO

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