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⭐ Gaming & VR

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ICO «FLUX» Listed:

March 16, 2018 ● AMP Version link

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ICO Description

FLUX is a complete ecosystem which cover only a part of gaming industry, in this way we generate multiple token transaction circulation among different type of gaming stakeholders. Utility token is needed to purchase gaming items, receive rewards, and participte in competitions and tournaments.

FLUX — unique global gaming platform that unites all parts of gaming industry ecosystem where players, developers, traders, and gaming community can transform their time and needs in money using gaming token FLUX COIN. It is simultaneously a platform for competitive gaming, a marketplace for games, online broadcasting (streams) and a platform for trading in-game items.

We offer a system that will allow those players to get rewards for matchmaking competitions, trading items on the marketplace and even crowdfund their own idea inside of the platform. Investors and developers will be provided a certain commission from each game as well.

With the help of blockchain technology, the whole process will become a lot more transparent and automated, which makes such platform a good extension for existing industry and helps to integrate cryptocurrency in real business.

Flux’s vision is to cover global market in the gaming space and to create a full ecosystem which will benefit all of its users and stakeholders. We are glad to invite everyone to become a part of a worldwide global business.



ICO Details

ICO «FLUX» ICO Start: April 17, 2018

ICO «FLUX» ICO Finish: May 31, 2018


ICO «FLUX» Platform: ETH

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