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Flash X Max ICO

ICO Description

Flash X Max is a new brand software mining in a form of NFT. A brand new concept for a healthy and better life through this NFT mining App. It is a move and go App where distance will tell how much you will earn. You must move to another location in order in order for the distance meter to scale up. The long distance you walk or moved, the higher points you can get.


The concept is just simple, an investor must buy NFT, it is a mining software where earnings and points were scaled by distance meter. The distance between from one place to another is calculated and converted to points.


GPS (Global Positioning System) must be turned on each time you use the app. The long distance you travel, the more points you earn.


These software mining were considered NFT in Flash x Max ecosystem. Once you bought the software and activate mining — the system will run for a lifetime. It means that you can do payouts for a lifetime in a form of Flash x Max tokens. There is no limit in earning as long as you use the app very well and your GPS is working well.

✅ ICO Flash X Max details

ICO Details

ICO «Flash X Max» ICO Start: 2022-04-29

ICO «Flash X Max» ICO End: 2022-05-01

ICO «Flash X Max» Symbol: FSXM

ICO «Flash X Max» Platform: Binance Smartchain

ICO «Flash X Max» Offering Type: ICO

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