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Fivebalance ICO

ICO Fivebalance Description:

ICO Description

Fivebalance mobile app allows users to create data indicators in the categories fit, financial, family, flair and faith, to support the achievement of financial and self improvement purposes. Using the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) calculation method, users can create, choose, and share their indicators, targets, and achievements as well as KPI scores to inspire each other. Working with similar individuals working on similar issues often results in success for both participants studies have shown.


Everyone can learn from each other and inspire their own personal development by using the Fivebalance mobile application. Recorded goals will play a huge part in preventing depression and attempted suicides caused by individuals who do not understand how or where they need to start, to come out of despair.




Self Improvement Ecosystem
Depression is a common problem for many, who struggle with the anxiety of the challenges we face day to day.
Hopelessness and feeling overwhelmed is common in today's society. Mental stress can lead to the loss of a job, family problems, and in some unfortunate instances, the loss of life. Where can one turn to for advice that doesn’t cost a fortune?

How Fivebalance helps
In the Fivebalance mobile app, users can set Key Performance Indicators (K.P.I) in the following categories. Faith, financial, family, Flair, and Fitness.
The Fivebalance mobile app provides helpful articles in the 5 categories to assist a user in meeting his or her goals.
The Fivebalance mobile app allows users to follow other users who’ve had similar problems, to see how they overcame them.
The fivebalance Mobile app uses blockchain technology to distribute FBN coin to users who have successfully met their goals. The FBN coin acts as an incentive/reward to motivate users to not give up, and to be successful.

Crypto Community Ecosystem
FBN coin can be used to make purchases on some websites, as well as trade on crypto exchanges. The versatile use of FBN sets the Fivebalance mobile app apart for m other self improvement apps available for download. Because FBN is stakeable and has masternodes, users have multiple ways to accumulate FBN coin.

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⭐ Fivebalance ICO details:

Fivebalance ICO ICO Details

Fivebalance ICO Start: 05 03 2021

Fivebalance ICO End: 06 09 2021

Fivebalance Symbol: FBN

Fivebalance Offering Type: ICO

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