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Fileers ICO

ICO Fileers Description:

ICO Description

The Filers protocol is designed to provide a comprehensive view of the decentralized storage ecosystem by developing a framework to address the issues faced by Filecoin and IPFS networks. The protocol's first stage is focused on improving the scalability and latency of the networks.


The goal of the Fileers protocol is to provide a better understanding of the decentralized storage industry by developing a framework that addresses the issues of current IPFS and Filecoin networks. The first stage of the project is focused on addressing the issue of latency and scalability.


The speed at which a node connects to the IPFS network is the most critical factor when it comes to accessing and storing data. In order to improve the network's performance, more powerful resources are needed. This will allow the servers to perform better when it comes to retrieving data.

The most common issue that affects the Filecoin and IPFS networks at present is the issue of network disconnection. This issue can occur due to various factors, such as the number of clients accessing the web server. It can also be caused by the size of the file that's being requested.

Fileers Protocol is currently working on developing solutions that can solve the issue of network disconnection and other scalability problems encountered by the IPFS network. One of these solutions is a highly connected virtualized gateway network.

⭐ Fileers ICO details:

Fileers ICO ICO Details

Fileers ICO Start: 01 23 2023

Fileers ICO End: 01 27 2023

Fileers Symbol: FPFS

Fileers Platform: Pinksale

Fileers Private Sale Start: 2023-01-18

Fileers Private Sale Finish: 2023-01-21

Fileers Offering Type: ICO

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