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Feed Token ICO

ICO Feed Token Description:

ICO Description

Feed Token is committed to work with Hunger Organizations around the world to help people in need.  The intent of Feed Token is to stop world hunger, improve nutrition, and reduce food waste through a transparent and efficient system. Donations will certainly be received by thousands of people who need to improve their lives. We assure due diligence in the sense that your contribution is used for legitimate purposes, reaching its intended beneficiaries.


We are here to bridge the gap between those people most in need and those willing to lend a helping hand. How are we planning to do this? Feed Token does it by means of using cryptocurrency. This allows us to acquire and transparently distribute donations through several recognized organizations that are looking for ways to alleviate world hunger.

Tokenomics Our contract is deployed on the Binance Smart Chain on address: 0xB1731E5e035CB039298159EcB191cB3fe666Dd0e Name: FEED Token Symbol: $FEED The tokenomics are as follows: Total supply: 100,000,000 Feed tokens. PreSale: 35,000,000 Feed Tokens, with no vesting. Pancake pool initial liquidity: 35,000,000 Feed tokens. All LP tokens will be burned, locking away the seed liquidity for ever! Angel investors: 10,000,000 Feed Tokens vested over 10 months & 6 month initial lock-in period Marketing wallet: 10,000,000 Feed tokens vested over 7 months Charity wallet: 5,000,000 Feed tokens vested over 10 months Team wallet: 4,000,000 Feed tokens vested over 8 months & 3 month initial lock-in period Airdrop: 1,000,000 Feed tokens.

Token Features FEED Token is an auto-staking and auto-liquidity token, where all transactions obey the following mechanisms: Reflection: 3% of every transaction will be redistributed to all FEED holders, in proportion to their wallet token balance, implementing auto-staking. This means that the amount of tokens in your wallet will continuously increase as people transact. In effect, holders get rewarded for just holding FEED in their wallets. Auto-Locked Liquidity: 2% of every transaction is converted into FEED/BNB LP tokens, which contributes to the liquidity pool on Pancakeswap. This relentlessly increases the liquidity pool, which leads to a permanently growing price floor of FEED. Contract Ownership: The ownership has been renounced to the 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 address upon creation

The Token Vault is a novel, secure smart contract on the blockchain with no functions! It is only used to store unvested tokens, which can be withdrawn by the Vesting smart contract. The simplicity of the vault code means that it seems impossible to withdraw tokens from it by unauthorized/malicious actors, or even by the vesting beneficiary, before the vesting has matured. The entire code for Token Vaults, and the Vesting smart contract have been audited, and no issues have been identified. The vesting contract is deployed at: 0x94e3b4422E51bdC381fbada6511824387716f564

⭐ Feed Token ICO details:

Feed Token ICO ICO Details

Feed Token ICO Start: 05 03 2021

Feed Token ICO End: 05 21 2021

Feed Token Symbol: FEED

Feed Token Platform: Binance Smart Chain

Feed Token Offering Type: ICO

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