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Fandoo ICO

ICO Fandoo Description:

ICO Description

Fandoo is a decentralized platform built on the Polygon blockchain. The platform aims to facilitate the integration of AI in the sports industry, thereby creating a more efficient and effective sports ecosystem.


AI is helping sports organizations make data-driven decisions, including drafting players, predicting game outcomes, and improving team performance. 


Fandoo will utilize AI technology to analyze and provide insights into various aspects of sports, such as player performance, team strategies, and fan engagement. The platform will also provide tools for teams and players to monitor and track their performance, as well as for fans to interact with their favorite players and teams.


AI Sport Integration Token (Fandoo) is a decentralized digital asset designed to incentivize the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology into the sports industry. By leveraging blockchain technology,


Fandoo aims to provide a secure and transparent platform for sports organizations to collaborate with AI experts, data scientists, and developers to enhance their performance, optimize their strategies, and increase their revenues.

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Fandoo ICO ICO Details

Fandoo ICO Start: 02 04 2023

Fandoo ICO End: 07 03 2023

Fandoo Symbol: FANDOO

Fandoo Platform: POLYGON

Fandoo Offering Type: ICO

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