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EVEN Foundation ICO

ICO EVEN Foundation Description:

ICO Description

The EVEN DEX exchange is the first service to be launched on the EVEN platform. In the future, the EVEN Foundation team plans to develop additional financial services on the basis of the EVEN platform and provide such an opportunity to all comers; for this, the platform will integrate the ability to write smart contracts, as well as a full API, to retrieve information from the outside world and record it in a chain of blocks, as well as sharing data from blockchain into the outside world.

The exchange is implemented on the basis of the EVEN blockchain platform. The EVEN platform is a powerful tool for creating services and products intended for practical application in the field of financial technologies. The platform is developed by the EVEN Foundation team, which focuses on solving the problem of the secure storage of funds and creating a decentralized crypto exchange, which by its characteristics exceeds all previous solutions in this area.

The EVEN DEX platform is a decentralized exchange for crypto-currency trading based on the blockchain. This makes all operations within the exchange as transparent and secure as possible. The platform provides people with all necessary tools for professional trading and transaction speed like centralized exchanges do.

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EVEN Foundation ICO ICO Details

EVEN Foundation ICO Start: 03 25 2018

EVEN Foundation ICO End: 10 01 2018

EVEN Foundation Symbol: EVEN

EVEN Foundation Platform: Ethereum

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