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ICO ETHLend Description:

ICO Description

ETHLend provides secured lending with the use of ERC-20 compatible tokens as a collateral. For example, users with a token portfolio are not required to sell the tokens to receive liquidity. Instead, the user can pledge the tokens to receive more liquidity. Alternatively, Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domains can be used to secure loans since these domain locks Ether when the domain is paid.

Reputation Based Lending

ETHLend will create reputation based lending with the help of decentralized credit rating, which consists of data from decentralized credit tokens (CRE), decentralized identities such as uPort, and data feeds from centralized service providers such as credit institutions and social media. Moreover, services such as Bloom would be used to broadcast defaults on to the centralized credit scores.

Decentralized Credit Rating (DCR)

Unleashing decentralized credit rating. Credit history is borne once there is data available on paid loans, the interest rates, possible collateral, and details of the lenders (and their transactional data) and the transactional data of the address. From this data, a credit profile can be built by assessing the data. Moreover, such data can be exported to other applications and chains.

Gateway for Decentralized Identities to DCR

ETHLend will add a gateway for self-sovereign identity providers such as uPort and credit rating providers such as Bloom. These functions assists borrowers to create more complete credit profile on the Decentralized Credit Rating.

Oracles: Feeds from Centralized Providers to DCR

Feeds from centralized credit institutions. ETHLend provides a gateway for credit institutions and centralized data to be broadcasted on the user’s Decentralized Credit Rating profile. Additionally, oracles can also be used to provide feeds from social media for creating a more complete credit profile.

Mobile Interface with Status.im

ETHLend will develop an interface so that the decentralized application can be used from the mobile with the use of Status.im mobile browser.

Expanding Decentralized Lending and Decentralized Credit Rating beyond Ethereum network

ETHLend will expand the decentralized lending application and the decentralized credit rating beyond Ethereum network to other distributed ledger networks.

ETHLend will introduce lender side offers (on-demand lending)

We will develop loan offers that lenders can place on the decentralized application. Loan offers are placed by stating how much liquidity and on what price the lender is willing to provide the liquidity. The lender also indicates which tokens the lender accepts as a collateral or which credit rating must be met.

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⭐ ETHLend ICO details:

ETHLend ICO ICO Details

ETHLend ICO Start: 11 25 2017

ETHLend ICO End: 12 09 2017

ETHLend Symbol: LEND

ETHLend Platform: Ethereum

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