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ICO Ethersport

⭐ Gambling and Betting

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ICO Description

EtherSport improves the service in this business field by new technologies, namely, blockchain, smart contracts and cryptocurrencies. Such improvement is directed not only to the convenience of the technical service for the players, but also to the guarantee of the fairness and full transparency of the process, which is done thanks to the new technologies.

Based on this message, namely — convenience and comfort for the players, based on the confidence and fairness of the decentralized and fully open process, EtherSport team is sure that in such system and on our platform, the players will be comfortable with participating in the game and get satisfaction from the process itself, compared to the traditional companies that are working on the market in the generally accepted web limits.

The main idea of our project is that our lottery, contrary to many similar services, is not based on guessing the random numbers, but involves exact determination of the sports events results, which cannot be influenced by anyone. This implies that the players have analytical skills. Such lottery type allows players not only to guess the game results by using their knowledge, but also get an additional satisfaction from the view of the sports events and support of their favourite teams, which they have chosen in the ticket. The same can be said about the bets placed between the players within our project, an analogue of the betting exchange.

From the investors’ point of view, the investment risk for the similar projects tends towards zero, as the project organizers provide only the possibility — a platform with cutting-edge technology, on which the game is held, — and charge a commission for that. Success of the project, its scalability and profits depend only from the scale and efficiency of the promo campaign. In fact, our team is launching the ICO exactly for this reason and with the aim to get a sufficient amount of money for the promo campaign. The project is already launched and will be finished in any case, but the additional funds are needed for its promotion and attraction of as many players as possible.



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✅ ICO Ethersport details

ICO Details

ICO «Ethersport» ICO Start: 2017-11-13

ICO «Ethersport» ICO End: 2017-12-20

ICO «Ethersport» Symbol: ESC

ICO «Ethersport» Platform: Ethereum

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