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Etherarctoken ICO

ICO Etherarctoken Description:

ICO Description

Etherarctoken a sustainable platform for the community of e-commerce trading between merchants and clients, which allows using the Ethereum blockchain to make mobile online payments in Etherarctoken currency. Efficient use of trust rating system, which enhances transaction effectiveness between merchants and clients.


Use the Etherarctoken platform to help merchants sell their products to clients, which is registered on the Etherarctoken system and platform. Clients are able to add custom items for purchase to a basket. Etherarctoken servers then generate a QR code with all the purchase details and information. The client will then scan the QR code within a timeframe after the client has successfully scanned the QR code, the client will need to record the transaction on the blockchain through Etherarctoken and complete the purchase process.


Upon completion of the transaction through confirmation, the client will be notified of the successful purchaser and the merchant will receive the amount of Etherarctoken sent by the client to the Etherarctoken Wallet. Etherarctoken aims at merchants and vendors to improve the platform together with merchants and integrate into the beta platform soon for testing. Merchants' involvement will allow traders to add and comment on the features of the Etherarctoken marketplace platform.


This phase will allow traders to use the platform and integrate an online payment and marketplace with the Etherarctoken currency.

⭐ Etherarctoken ICO details:

Etherarctoken ICO ICO Details

Etherarctoken ICO Start: 01 10 2020

Etherarctoken ICO End: 02 29 2020

Etherarctoken Symbol: ETT

Etherarctoken Platform: ETHEREUM

Etherarctoken PreICO Start: 2020-01-01

Etherarctoken PreICO End: 2020-01-10

Etherarctoken Private Sale Start: 2019-12-30

Etherarctoken Private Sale Finish: 2020-01-10

Etherarctoken Offering Type: ICO

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