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Eth Mark ICO

ICO Eth Mark Description:

ICO Description

EthMark is a fledgling enterprise with diverse operations in Real Estate and E-commerce. We plan to grow with distinguished and far-reaching strategies created for long-term. We are based in Sweden and have our operations registered in Dubai for it provides tax-free environment to businesses. EthMark has routed all its real estate investments in tourism-oriented countries with varied projects.

We are providing instant profits alongwith long-term benefits to our investors. With regards to e-commerce as well, we are all set to start operations in all the major countries recognized as a burgeoning market for online shopping and trade. With all these advantages, we are giving this opportunity to investors to maximize their profits by joining hands with EthMark through our ICO.

Real Estate: EthMark is all set to diversify its investments into different countries that focus basically on Tourism. Tourism gives a boost to real estate, due to the constant flux of people, development of real estate never stops in those countries. EthMark is investing exclusively in these countries to make the most of the opportunities arising from this booming sector. Dubai, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia and Thailand are the countries where we are investing, and these investments are also variegated. EthMark is investing in majorly two kinds of properties for maintaining regular and long-term returns. The first category of investment will happen into under-construction projects which will generate returns in future whereas the second category of investment will happen into the properties which are ready to be used or getting used, these properties will yield returns on regular basis.

E-Commerce: With respect to E-commerce as well, EthMark has strategized on the same grounds. With diverse operations in multiple countries, we are aimed to gain maximum profits. Through this varied models, EthMark will not only make more profits but will expand the business as well. Since the sale of one commodity may differ from country to country, we have planned to deal in various items in various countries. This brings surety of profits as well as a perpetuity in the operations. EthMark's strategy will enable it to promulgate through different commodities in countries where they are mostly preferred. With a deep-rooted chain of e-commerce, our motto is to make ourselves stable in multiple countries simultaneously. EthMark will also focus on promoting unique and innovative products, which would encourage many budding entrepreneurs and startups.

Online Education: This is a noble initiative from EthMark through which we will be imparting education online for free. We have setup a portal on our page, on which donation can be done and this money would only be used for providing educational material on our website.

E-Commerce First Dividend Announcement

EthMark will announce its first E-Commerce dividend on 4th November 2018. It will happen right after 3 months of ICO closing.


E-Commerce Second Dividend Announcement

The second dividend announcement of E-Commerce will be done on 4th Feb 2019.


Property First Dividend Announcement

The first announcement for property dividend will be done on 31st March 2019.


  1. Minimum amount of deposit for participating in ICO is 100USD.
  2. 40 EthMark tokens will be given complimentary on the first deposit.
  3. 30 EthMark tokens will be given complimentary on registration as a bonus.
  4. Referral bonus of 20% will also be distributed.


Soft Cap = 3 Million USD

Hard Cap = 20 Million USD

Total Tokens = 50 Million

ICO = 20 Million


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⭐ Eth Mark ICO details:

Eth Mark ICO ICO Details

Eth Mark ICO Start: 05 24 2018

Eth Mark ICO End: 07 30 2018

Eth Mark Symbol: EMTC

Eth Mark Platform: ERC20

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