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Equifund Token ICO

ICO Equifund Token Description:

ICO Description

Equifund Token aims to create a token that can be traded all year round and receive Tron or Usdt derivative payouts depending on the number of tokens you have. The sub-fund's investment objective is growth the value of its assets as a result of an increase in value deposits. Join venture in derivative payments. Buy Equifund Token (EQF) and earn monthly reward in TRX and USDT on Tron blockchain by our trading team. The main assumption of the project is to distribute 90% of the tokens to investors in ICO. Each of them will receive tokens created on the basis of TRC20 at a price several times lower (1:10) than the assumed issue price.


All ICO investments will be the main shareholders in the project and will always be prioritized by us. Each initial investor will have multiple payments of derivatives in relation to investors joining after the fundraising ends in a ratio of 1: 10. The payout of derivatives will be based on the profit generated by us through trading on the stock exchange without the possibility of losing funds through the use of professional and long-term proven methods of trading.


All generated profit will be presented to our early investors, therefore it gives complete transparency of the project. The payout will be at Tron blockchain on the given day of each month. You don't need to keep our tokens all month to get paid, you can trade them all the time! All you need to do is have them in your TRC20 wallet for the first day of each month. Only late investors will have to keep them longer and have many more to be able to receive paid derivatives.

⭐ Equifund Token ICO details:

Equifund Token ICO ICO Details

Equifund Token ICO Start: 02 02 2021

Equifund Token ICO End: 04 30 2021

Equifund Token Symbol: EQF

Equifund Token Platform: Tron

Equifund Token Offering Type: ICO

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