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ElonDogeDiamondz ICO

ICO ElonDogeDiamondz Description:

ICO Description

ElonDogeDiamondz (EDD) is a unique meme token project, forging a vibrant path in the world of digital assets. Built on the Polygon chain, EDD is designed to encapsulate the exciting dynamism of cryptocurrencies and the creative energy of meme culture.

Our tokenomics set us apart - EDD boasts a total supply of 980 billion tokens, carefully distributed to ensure the broadest possible access. We've allocated 500 billion tokens for buyers, 300 billion for exchanges, and 100 billion for farming contracts.

Uniquely, the EDD project has renounced its contract, a move demonstrating our commitment to decentralization and a level playing field. Additionally, we've eliminated taxes on buying or selling EDD tokens, making transactions smoother and more appealing for our community.

But EDD is not just about the token - it's about building a community. We host bi-weekly contests in our Telegram Contest Room, rewarding creativity with the chance to win Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that can be staked for EDD tokens. This integration of digital art, memes, and interactive games into our ecosystem enhances the engagement and overall experience for our community members.

We're also excited about our upcoming Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on Dodoex.io, allowing everyone to become an early adopter of EDD tokens.

In essence, the EDD project is a commitment to building a community, sparking creativity, and democratizing access to digital assets. While we're all about fun and engagement, we strongly urge everyone to understand the risks associated with cryptocurrencies and to invest responsibly. Welcome to ElonDogeDiamondz - where memes meet the world of digital finance!

⭐ ElonDogeDiamondz ICO details:

ElonDogeDiamondz ICO ICO Details

ElonDogeDiamondz ICO Start: 05 16 2023

ElonDogeDiamondz ICO End: 06 23 2023

ElonDogeDiamondz Symbol: EDD

ElonDogeDiamondz Platform: Polygon

ElonDogeDiamondz Offering Type: ICO

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