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eDeposite ICO

ICO eDeposite Description:

ICO Description

eDeposite is a devised solution to address these fundamental issues and considers the challenges and problems faced by the Africans in adopting cryptocurrency. An instrument capable of becoming a perfect global payments system. Aim to unify Africa by creating an autonomous decentralized payment platform suitable for the continent’s economy with low volatility.


A currency suitable to serve as a speculative asset and for the exchange of values. To develop a sound base where individuals or corporate entities can develop businesses on and around. With eDeposite, a closed community like a university can build a community-based app that can be used by all the members of that community to perform their daily transactions using eDeposite token


With eDeposite we believed the entire process of banking online should be easier, cheaper, and secure. We are committed to creating a digital currency system that allows financial transactions to be performed transparently across borders with lesser transaction fees and also serve as store of value, this type of payment can only be achieved through blockchain technology.

⭐ eDeposite ICO details:

eDeposite ICO ICO Details

eDeposite ICO Start: 11 20 2021

eDeposite ICO End: 01 01 2022

eDeposite Symbol: EDT

eDeposite Platform: NIL

eDeposite Offering Type: ICO

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