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ICO E-wallet

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E-wallet ICO

ICO E-wallet Description:

ICO Description

E-WALLET - allows you to safely store users ' funds in cryptocurrency, and get regular accruals of dividends in percentage to the account balance. So, using the services of the company E-WALLET, the account holder gets a guaranteed passive income.


E-COIN WALLET. Now, the E-WALLET company is developing its own token, which will be presented for trading on the leading cryptocurrency exchanges of the world. Payments are made in Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.



- Passive income. The system automatically and daily accrues interest on the account balance. Funds are always available for withdrawal

- Instant transactions. Transfer/exchange of funds from the e-WALLET is coming instantly and is not ac-companied by delays

- Rising interest rates. Interest charges on the account balance increase every 10 days, reaching 1% per day on the 41st day

- Minimum commission. We have minimum commissions for all our transactions

- Safety and reliability. The E-WALLET company is officially registered, works within the framework of the legislation and has its official website with advanced web protection technologies

- Full balance control. In a convenient personal account, users can control their balance and observe daily interest charges

- Own cryptocurrency. When We reach 50 000 registrations the own cryptocurrency WALLET-COIN will be launched in coins which will be made payments


APP ON IOS AND ANDROID. With the help of the official E-WALLET application for iOS and Android, users will be able to conveniently manage their account and account in the system via a smartphone or tablet. Until the release of the application, access to the wallet is possible only through the WEB-version




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⭐ E-wallet ICO details:

E-wallet ICO ICO Details

E-wallet ICO Start: 06 29 2020

E-wallet ICO End: 06 30 2020

E-wallet Symbol: E-COIN

E-wallet Offering Type: ICO

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