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ICO DUTY Description:

ICO Description

Duty Exchange is an all in one Multichain cryptocurrency ecosystem, which will initially launch its own currency on the Binance blockchain in the decentralized part of its ecosystem. DUTY Exchange is designed as a high-performance multi-services platform that caters to the needs of web3.0 users.


Duty coins may be held, staked, and traded on our Exchange, NFT Market, and Crypto exchange. We are developing an economic ecosystem that offers a liquidity pool for their stakers, yield farming, Duty Dex, and NFT marketplace, which will provide wealth to both our community and future investors.


Duty Exchange technology assures that tokens of holders are instantly locked for liquidity. The Duty TOKEN LP's price stability mirrors this function, with the added benefit of a strong price floor and cushion for holders. All this is done to alleviate some difficulties identified with the existing DeFi reflection tokens.


Duty token operates on the Binance Blockchain, which is environmentally friendly and based on proof of stake. The platform employs a secure wallet and a double-checking technique to hold all tokens. As an incentive for holders, Duty Crypto Exchange intends to create a Token on the BSC network. In return for Staking a Duty token, holders will receive an extra Token.


Duty Exchange will soon launch an NFT Marketplace. The characteristics of Duty Exchange NFT marketplace that distinguish it from other marketplaces are its security and low fees. Duty Exchange will create a decentralized marketplace where NFT holders may buy and sell their NFTs, and where digital creators may launch their collections.


Duty NFT has a vibrant financial system that will revolutionize the NFT marketplace and make it safer. It is a simple, quick, and safe exchange that is genuinely decentralized. We plan to build an environment in which anyone can become a part of the non-custodial exchange, which means that while using a platform, the User retains possession of their private keys. We are also offering Yield farming and rewards in the shape of a fee so the User of the ecosystem will have multiple income streams to adopt.


DUTY Tokens
It is our DUTY to lead the way for a new financial ecosystem. Our mission is to create a safe ecosystem where anyone can easily use and achieve financial freedom through passive income. Invest in the future and benefit from the advantages of early adoption.

⭐ DUTY ICO details:


DUTY ICO Start: 10 10 2022

DUTY ICO End: 11 23 2022


DUTY Platform: Binance Smart Chain

DUTY Private Sale Start: 2022-10-10

DUTY Private Sale Finish: 2022-11-23

DUTY Offering Type: ICO

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