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Dopamine ICO

ICO Dopamine Description:

ICO Description

The Dopamine Network is the first ecosystem for Decentralized Collaborative Processing Networks (DCPN), protecting individuals’ IP while providing an incentive structure designed to encourage collaboration and penalize bad actors.

The world is dominated by centralized organizations who do not collaborate because societal and economic incentivizes encourage competition and IP protection. Through the use of Ethereum smart contracts and Dopamine tokens, we can economically incentivize individuals and organizations to use their IP collaboratively, reducing the need to trust each other or join a centralized organization.

Dopamine is committed to building an ecosystem of data suppliers and consumers of processed data who will supply data to and purchase results from the DCPN. The first consumer of DCPN output will be the Dopamine Fund, established from the crowdfunding sale of DOPA tokens, incentivizing data consumers and service providers to join the network.

Dopamine Foundation will also actively seek data processors to join the network and create campaigns for individuals and organizations to publish their data to the Dopamine Network in exchange for DOPA. Our mission is to attract, through economic incentivization, the world's first DCPN structured in a way that allows for learning, growth, and general super intelligence.

Blockchain technology is a distributed ledger that keeps records of digital transactions. Instead of having a central administration like a database, server, or bank, a distributed ledger is implemented as a decentralized network or database replica synchronized across users via the Internet and controllable by anyone within the system. All blockchain transactions are protected by cryptographic blocks. The system is protected from the fraud by cryptographic puzzles that are difficult to solve intentionally.

⭐ Dopamine ICO details:

Dopamine ICO ICO Details

Dopamine ICO Start: 01 17 2018

Dopamine ICO End: 01 31 2018

Dopamine Symbol: DOPA

Dopamine Platform: Ethereum

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