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ICO Dogenmustard

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ICO Description

DogenMustard is a game token with utility, built using solidity on the ERC20 Standard and the Binance Smart Chain network. Holding the token allows holders to participate in community-oriented social gaming, memes, social experiments, forum discussions. The term Dogen is an over-simplification and cross terminology between ‘degen’ and ‘doge’, with ‘Mustard’ being specific to the creature, DogenMustard. This essentially forms the creatures identity.


Future developments will include the introduction of similar creatures. DogenMustard is a crude representation of a category of personalities which may feel familiar. This may not seem evident at first (intentional), however, over time, certain characteristics will emerge which demonstrate this familiarity. 


The Official DogenMustard Private Sale

For a limited time, 50% of the total initial supply of tokens will be available through a series of pre-sale events. There will be no seed sale for DogenMustard tokens. Whitelisting is mandatory. Qualified applicants will be able to purchase DogenMustard tokens at a discount. The first round private sale is intended to offer interested individuals to participate in a pre-sale where with other project launches they may not have been financially able to do so. The pre-sales are designed to be affordable, particularly for those interested in the gaming platform and wish to secure a discounted price for the minimum token requirements for gaming eligibility.
1 Token = 0.01 USD  ($1 USD = 100 tokens)
Accepted methods; ETH, BNB, BUSD, USDC, USDT, TUSD, DAI (exchange rate shall be determined at the time of
purchase. Transaction fees are to be paid for by the buyer)
All Whitelisted applicants shall receive their allocation within 8 days after the private sale period has ended.

The Private Sale will close once the quota has been met.

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ICO Details

ICO «Dogenmustard» ICO Start: 2021-09-25

ICO «Dogenmustard» ICO End: 2021-09-29

ICO «Dogenmustard» Symbol: MSTD

ICO «Dogenmustard» Platform: ETH / BSC

ICO «Dogenmustard» PreICO Start: 2021-08-31

ICO «Dogenmustard» PreICO End: 2021-09-11

ICO «Dogenmustard» Private Sale Start: 2021-07-31

ICO «Dogenmustard» Private Sale Finish: 2021-08-14

ICO «Dogenmustard» Offering Type: ICO

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