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ICO «DNN NEWS» Listed:

March 2, 2018 ● AMP Version link

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ICO Description

Decentralized News Network is a news platform that combines news creation with decentralized networks as a means to delivering factual content, curated by a community of readers, writers, and reviewers.

DNN will harness the power of the Ethereum blockchain to create an infrastructure that is virtually impossible to infiltrate or take down. Since DNN is not centralized, it does not suffer from having a single point of failure. The platform’s core purpose is to present news as accurately as possible, free of any corrupt incentives or hidden agendas, which plague most news corporations.

The DNN platform will focus on facilitating the dissemination of balanced and factual observation of current newsworthy affairs.

DNN's mission is to create news content that is both empowering for its readers, as well as representative of the integrity of its writers. DNN aspires to become the most trusted and democratic news alternative to the mainstream media.

The Decentralized News Network will introduce a compensation model built on incentives and made possible by the Ethereum blockchain. DNN removes the need for advertisers because the platform will not source revenue from display ads. DNN will run as a network, fueled by the DNN token. Each action, which includes the writing and reviewing of an article, will be made possible by these tokens and linked to the Ethereum network. DNN’s system works to incentivize writers and reviewers, in a self-sustaining and autonomous environment that leaves no room for corporate bias. Compensation is derived from the community’s engagement, rather than external revenue streams such as native ads. In turn, there is no opportunity for corporate interjection, whether it is through sponsored content or elsewhere.

Furthermore, with the blockchain providing the foundation for the platform, DNN can transparently display how money is made and transacted behind the scenes, and for what reasons and to which parties tokens are distributed. Ideally, the platform can create a new kind of transparency, dictated by a truly open and contributor-controlled environment for information sharing and consumption. By persisting the contents of published articles to a decentralized file datastore, and making references to these articles directly in ethereum smart contracts, we can ensure that every article is as immutable and everlasting as the ethereum network.



ICO Details

ICO «DNN NEWS» ICO Start: April 4, 2018


ICO «DNN NEWS» Platform: Ethereum

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