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Digital Credit ICO

ICO Digital Credit Description:

ICO Description

Digital Credit is designed using a brand new blockchain architecture by implementing POA (Proof of Ability) actions (such as challenge, competition, test, teaching, posting, ranking, achievement, contribution, review and voting etc.) to create a decentralized, trustworthy, easy to use, immutable, autonomous digital credit community and application platform.

Community or application members can apply for loans or crowdfunding, sell tickets or even get a reward from Digital Credit by their credit database only based on their own, genuine talents.

Digital Credit simplifies the blockchain application development and implements a distributed, decentralized MVC framework: dMVC (decentralized Model-View-Control), which includes: model part: data structure, database and data storage; control part : actions, services, account management, role and organization management, tags and categories; Proof of Ability Actions, including: challenge, competition, test, contribution, teaching, post, ranking, achievement, review, voting, etc. ; digital credit evaluations, digital credit actions (including awarding rewards, issuing loans, approving crowdfunding, allowing sales of tickets, etc.), tokens and smart contracts, and dispute resolutions; Views: Clients, etc. This allows the creation of distributed, decentralized, authentic, trustworthy, easy to develop, immutable, safe, objective, fair and autonomous digital credit communities and applications based on POA.

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⭐ Digital Credit ICO details:

Digital Credit ICO ICO Details

Digital Credit ICO Start: 06 02 2018

Digital Credit ICO End: 07 02 2018

Digital Credit Symbol: DGCT

Digital Credit Platform: Ethereum, ERC-20

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