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ICO «DEScrow»

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October 27, 2017 ● AMP Version link

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ICO Description

Descrow enables to check the true intentions of project-makers and to protect investors from loss of the income in case of force majeure circumstances.

Investors will benefit from Descrow as it allows to verify the startup team’s intentions and readiness to follow the roadmap. In case team fails to meet the obligations, investors can stop financing via voting. In most of the cases it becomes clear at the first stages, whether the team is competent, how professionally it develops the project and how it is motivated to finish the project.

Descrow ensures the maximum safety and proper distribution of invested funds. In case of non-compliance with the established obligations or unreasonable failure of their execution, full return of the reserved investments will be performed within the Descrow workframe. With the help of the funds collected during the ICO and commission fees, DES is going to establish an insurance fund for the assets invested during the first tranche.

The first tranche is more than others exposed to the risk of theft from the side of unscrupulous teams.Upon the occurrence of insured case, affected parties will get compensatory payments from this fund. The amount of the reimbursement will be estimated in proportion to the scam-project tokens but won’t exceed 70% of the funds lost by the investor.



ICO Details

ICO «DEScrow» ICO Start: August 27, 2017

ICO «DEScrow» ICO Finish: November 21, 2017

ICO «DEScrow» Symbol: DES

ICO «DEScrow» Platform: Ethereum

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