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Deriv.Ex ICO

ICO Deriv.Ex Description:

ICO Description

Deriv.Ex is a project launched in November 2022 by Alexandre K. and Julien S. and which aims to create a cryptocurrency exchange specialized in derivatives: the Deriv.Ex exchange.


As part of the Deriv.Ex project you will find here the general functioning of NegativeCoin, our first token correlated on a short position of bitcoin in absolute value.The concepts and general idea of the project.The general idea of absolute correlated tokens is the following.


Our tokens have a price of their own, but their basic variation subject to the law of supply and demand, are also subject to the laws of supply and demand of a monopoly situation. We can thus create customised token prices.


Let's take a simple example:Suppose we have a token X that would be correlated to a cryptocurrency Y in order to hold a short Y position.At t0 a period is defined:

The value of Yt0 is 10000.
The value of Xt0 is 2000.In t1, a defined period after t0 :What happens is this:
The value of Y falls by an amount w. Therefore: Yt1 is Yt0 - w or 10000 - w
The value of X is then Xto + ΔYt0 i.e. 2000 + w + the price evolution due to the law of supply and demand.

⭐ Deriv.Ex ICO details:

Deriv.Ex ICO ICO Details

Deriv.Ex ICO Start: 11 06 2022

Deriv.Ex ICO End: 12 31 2022

Deriv.Ex Symbol: NGC

Deriv.Ex Platform: ERC-20

Deriv.Ex Offering Type: ICO

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