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Dejan Token ICO

ICO Description

Dejan Token (DEJ) is a token that will revolutionize a way of waste in the world. A high sustainable token that in addition to helping the environment will pay its holders in each transaction 5%.


Do you know where the garbage you produce goes ? 

Of course it goes to waste, but that is not what we want to draw attention to, part% of a percentage of waste is used and recycled, it is estimated that 100% of the waste produced per year, the average that is reused of this waste is around 30% recycled liquid, but this average has been growing every year with the help of the population to separate the garbage and more companies to make recycling even greater.


But do you know what's best? 

The recycled is transformed into waste and separated, part of this waste is reused and sold to companies that reuse it in the manufacture of the same materials.

With the Dejan Token (DEJ) project, we are going to expand with a partnership in a collective enterprise, involving waste collection, sorting and processing.

In addition to favoring a profitable and profit-generating activity, recycling reduces the amount of unnecessary waste in the world.

♻️ Dejan Token has come to revolutionize the power of a high and sustainable currency that pay its holders with the currency itself with a residual profit that will be added each week.


✅ ICO Dejan Token details

ICO Details

ICO «Dejan Token» ICO Start: 2021-11-24

ICO «Dejan Token» ICO End: 2021-12-02

ICO «Dejan Token» Symbol: DEJ

ICO «Dejan Token» Platform: BEP-20

ICO «Dejan Token» Offering Type: ICO

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