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Debitum Network ICO

ICO Debitum Network Description:

ICO Description

There are 154 countries indicated by the World Bank where SMEs experience credit gap and where a solution like Debitum Network could help closing that gap by providing ecosystem of counterparties and connecting it with global investors.

However, saying that Debitum Network team will just set up in 154 countries and bring the ecosystem to market on their own would be a fallacy.

As Debitum Network is initial market maker and facilitator for solving worldwide credit gap by connecting SMEs with global investors who can rely on service provided by local or regional counterparties, i.e., verification, risk assessment, insurance, debt collection.

It is possible to attract global investors to distribute their available capital as well as attract SMEs to borrow and finance their growth; however, to make the whole ecosystem truly decentralized, global and self sustainable service providers will be organized in ‘communities’.

Communities are decentralized and truly global, consisting of various service providers and ‘institutional borrowers’ - alternative finance companies already serving SMEs that could attract more global investment and restructure their portfolio by using Debitum Network.

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⭐ Debitum Network ICO details:

Debitum Network ICO ICO Details

Debitum Network ICO Start: 01 25 2018

Debitum Network ICO End: 02 25 2018

Debitum Network Symbol: DEB

Debitum Network Platform: Ethereum

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