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DaVinciGraph ICO

ICO Description

DaVinciGraph is a cutting-edge NFT marketplace built on Hedera Hashgraph, where you can create and trade unique digital assets powered by AI. Our platform offers a seamless and secure way to mint, buy and sell NFTs, with the added value of AI tools that allow you to enhance your NFTs and stand out from the competition. Whether you're an artist, collector or investor, our marketplace offers endless possibilities for creativity and profit. Join us and discover the future of NFT trading today.


With DavinciGraph, users can trade NFTs quickly and securely, without worrying about high fees or slow transaction times. Our platform also offers exclusive features, such as the ability to create launchpads for NFTs, concert tickets, and coupons for businesses. To access these features, users need to use the OM token, our utility token. The OM token serves several key functions within DaVinciGraph, providing users with a convenient and seamless way to use the platform.


In addition to the standard NFTs available on DaVinciGraph, we also have DaVinciGraph Utility NFTs. These NFTs offer holders discounts on all trades in the DaVinciGraph marketplace. Holding a DaVinciGraph Utility NFT also grants users access to exclusive features and events on the platform. These include early access to limited edition NFTs, invitation-only auctions, and special events hosted by DaVinciGraph.


The OM token serves as a utility token within DaVinciGraph. Users need to use it to pay for fees and access exclusive features, such as creating launchpads for NFTs, concert tickets, and coupons for businesses. The OM token can also be traded on external exchanges, providing liquidity and value for our users.


Revolutionize the #NFT Industry with #AI-Powered Tools on #Hedera #Hashgraph.

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ICO Details

ICO «DaVinciGraph» ICO Start: 10 02 2023

ICO «DaVinciGraph» ICO End: 10 31 2023

ICO «DaVinciGraph» Symbol: OM

ICO «DaVinciGraph» Platform: Hedera Hashgraph

ICO «DaVinciGraph» Offering Type: ICO

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