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ICO Cubomania

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ICO Description

Cubomania is a blockchain game-based educational platform for children integrated into its own robotics operating system. The main objective of Cubomania is to create the first decentralized online platform for education of school and pre-school children that will allow creation and provide access to modern education programs integrated into the objects that all the kids are used to, toys.

The platform is based on the blockchain technology, which opens up completely new horizons for the industry. In contrast to the conventional education system, the platform aims to reconsider the whole approach to education and provide adaptive educational content to each child rather than make all kids fit into the one system. Secondly, the blockchain mechanics combined with the platform interface will ease the process of content creation and grant teachers and educators maximum protection of their intellectual property. This will allow them to express their teaching talent in the most unencumbered way. Meanwhile, integration of a variety of educational programs on the platform with the already developed Cubo IoT Toy is what will raise gamification in the educational process to the entirely new level.

The toy is a unique product. The characters created in the Ethereum blockchain can be regarded as an improved version of Tamagotchi. Using a program, a child or parent chooses a character that has 3D images that can be viewed from 5 sides by means of the screens on each side of the cube. A child chooses their favourite character, sets personality traits and influences its behaviour.  Further, a child will be able to study changes in the character’s behaviour. At the request of the owner, data on the character are recorded in the blockchain. The owner gets authorship and ownership rights. Creation of a complex character requires use of tokens. However, this investment pays off if the owner presents their character as ‘a model’ so that other eco-system players could use its ‘genetic’ structure for creating improved characters that are more complex in nature and able to demonstrate more complex modes of interaction.

The cube has got several scales. It has got scales of energy, happiness and vigor, which teaches a child to take care of a character, and therefore take care of people around. If successful (for example, if a child takes care of the character so well that a character shows the highest level of happiness), a child gets a reward (for example, a possibility to change the character’s appearance, etc.)

The cube contains several sensors which makes playing the game exciting and close to reality.  When the cube is exposed to the cold, sun or water, the character changes its behaviour in accordance with the circumstances. The character starts shivering or taking off the clothes, takes an umbrella, etc. This way a child studies the influence of the outside world.

Using on-device AI makes communication really exciting as a character will be able to react to a child’s actions, speak with a child with their parent’s voice, tell them stories and the like.

The cube includes a possibility to communicate with characters from other cubes. If several cubes get closer to each other, characters get a possibility to visit one another and complete quests together. Besides that, characters will be able to visit each other if the cubes are connected to the Internet. Depending upon programmed characteristics, characters will be on friendly terms or quarrel with each other, play or fight. This will help a child study social interaction in the society.

The cubes are powered by the battery which is charged via a standard electrical power point using a micro USB charger cable without the need to disassemble the toy.




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ICO Details

ICO «Cubomania» ICO Start: 2018-05-11

ICO «Cubomania» ICO End: 2018-09-28

ICO «Cubomania» Symbol: Cubo

ICO «Cubomania» Platform: Ethereum

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