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ICO Description

CRYPTOPROFILE is one of the first platforms that focus on creating a consolidated airdrop platform for ICO projects. The platform naturally aligns the long-term interests of stakeholders, with listed ICO projects getting the marketing exposure from the extensive network of investors who hold CryptoProfile’s native tokens (called CP). CP holders are financially incentivized to also increase the marketing exposure of ICO projects within the ecosystem through the consolidated airdrop mechanism.


Promote healthy speculation in cryptocurrency market.
Aiming to achieve steady uptrend of coin price.
Providing ICO projects with inadequate promotional activity budgets.
Gaining earned trust and support from the community.

The CRYPTOPROFILE platform will have some endearing features that make it an attractiveoption for cryptocurrency supporters

The speed of the platform
In order to support fast air drops, the platform will be developed using the latest algorithms that ensure transactions are done in real-time. The speed will ensure that any investor purchases are recorded instantaneously.
Security of the platform
CryptoProfile is protected using cutting-edge blockchain technology that protects the platform from hackers who may want to steal money. The platform is also protected from Sybil attacks that are commonly used to target blockchains.

Sensitive investor information is protected from nefarious individuals using the decentralized blockchain with user encryption. The users are assigned pseudonyms to ensure that third parties can not track the transactions on the platform.
No fee charged
CryptoProfile will have no transaction costs for our customers. Most of the earnings will be generated from ICO marketing through appreciation of CryptoProfile tokens and payments done received through our client’s respective project tokens. Thus, having such a feature allows our company to take our service provision with utmost effectiveness as their success is equivalent to our success. The benefit is that the investors will have the best due diligence on ICOs at an affordable cost.

The value proposition highlights the benefits that the platform has for the different stakeholders who will use the platform.
Investors Investors benefit the most because they will be able to pick from existing ICOs whose CryptoProfile has already conducted due diligence. While the risk can never be completely zero, it is substantially lowered by the model we adopt. It makes it easier for them to get real gems in the ICO niche from the hundreds of fakes.

ICO startups
Genuine startups that legitimately want to raise money for viable businesses can benefit by requesting our ICO marketing services. We will conduct intensive research on the project. Once the project is deemed legitimate, it can run its fundraising through our platform using our airdrop system.

Bounty hunters
Bounty Hunters are conventionally thought to be only useful in boosting up the numbers of communities and not contributing anything much to the ICO project. CryptoProfile has come up with strategic planning to involve bounty hunters in a manner that they contribute to the projects up to their full potential: -Bounty hunters will receive free CP tokens as long as they register as a community and do the needful tasks.
-Bounty hunters will get incentives for holding CP tokens and also receive airdrops of other ICO projects’ tokens.
-The bounty hunters possessing CP tokens will have more discounts if they want to invest in an ICO project handled by CP.

The writers who are involved in CP ICO projects will have the following benefits:
- Writers will receive CP tokens as well.
- Writers will get incentives for holding CP tokens and also receive airdrops of other ICO projects’ tokens.
- The writers possessing CP tokens will have more discounts if they want to invest in an ICO project handled by CP.
Regulatory agencies and governments
For years, government agencies have had a problem trying to eliminate fraud and scamming from the cryptocurrency industry with little success. However, the solution is self-regulation. CryptoProfile is the first step in the process. As more investors realize that they can make a less risky investment by using our platform for due diligence, the number of pump and dump ICOs will disappear. As a result, governments will be able to achieve their goal of protecting investors.



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ICO «CRYPTOPROFILE» ICO Start: 2019-02-01




ICO «CRYPTOPROFILE» PreICO Start: 2019-01-01

ICO «CRYPTOPROFILE» PreICO End: 2019-01-31

ICO «CRYPTOPROFILE» Private Sale Start: 2018-11-01

ICO «CRYPTOPROFILE» Private Sale Finish: 2018-12-31

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