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Cryptocells ICO

ICO Cryptocells Description:

ICO Description

Cryptocells is crowdsourcing innovation through gamification to drive user engagement - with the goal of saving human lives. The tokenized, collectible, modifiable, tradeable and potentially real bio assets foster innovations in biotech and medical science. Cryptocells is an open-innovation & crowdsourcing-through-gamification platform and marketplace with a defined focus on health and life extension.


We enable our users to contribute to solutions to the biggest health challenges of our time. The challenges are either ongoing games such as protein folding or CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing, or short-term targeted crowd-driven contests by companies and organizations for their unsolved problems with a given monetary prize pool.


To participate, users are required to own CC9 tokens, which can be differentiated into tokenized bio assets such as a Proteins, DNA, Bacteria, Viruses, or Organs. These Bio Assets can then be collected, breeded, developed into new shapes and forms, or traded on the marketplace.


The idea for Cryptocells came to the CEO Chris Heinze after losing three close people to cancer, sepsis and organ donor shortage. Cryptocells was then launched in September 2019 with the goal of tapping into the power of the crowd, of tackling these challenges, of facilitating solutions and of saving potentially millions of lives - while also rewarding commitment, contributions, ideas and solutions.

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⭐ Cryptocells ICO details:

Cryptocells ICO ICO Details

Cryptocells ICO Start: 10 03 2019

Cryptocells ICO End: 12 31 2019

Cryptocells Symbol: CC9

Cryptocells Platform: ETHEREUM

Cryptocells Offering Type: ICO

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