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ICO «CryptoBnB»

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ICO «CryptoBnB» Listed:

December 1, 2017
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Muhammad Waqas

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ICO Description

The first disrupting home rental platform powered by blockchain, AI, big data with utility tokens and advanced wallets.  CryptoBnB is built on the power of CryptoDnA ™ - personalized smartcontracts that utilizes personal home rental information to enhance rental experiences for hosts and travellers. It is the first smart machine learning blockchain wallet that enhances trust levels from smartconstracts to keep learning about travelers and properties through AI and IPFS big data layer.  CryptoBnB reduces renter’s property search time by predicting their preferences and enhance ROI for hosts and property owners through secure reviews and payments.

ICO has not started yet but you can register for pre-approval in Whitelist

Why is our ICO different

First of its kind ICO!

Ingrown core strength

Breakthrough technologies

  • Blockchain (Smart contracts)
  • Interplanteary File System (IPFS) with Smart Access blocks
  • Artificial Integlligence
  • Big Data

Government and regulations friendly

  • Better government compliance due to direct relationship with host and traveller observing local laws.
  • Easy to integrate with tax accounting.

Existing marketplayers are participants

Established reputable hosts registered and part of initial offering. Generating traffic and business from day one

Incentives for hosts and marketmakers to convert.

Better ROI for players

  • P2P marketing
  • Fewer disputes by optimum screening
  • Faster asset turnaround
  • Lower fees


Technology Breakthrough
  • P2P targeted marketing powered by Crypto DNA
  • Crypto DNA wallet and intelligent search engines powered by AI & big data
    • Smart Access blockchain powered by IPFS
    • P2P smartcontracts
    • Decentralized P2P reviews and ratings

    Intelligent search engine

    First search engine linked to blockchain that relies on AI and big data stored in the block assuring optimum search results and better ROI

    P2P Marketing
    First P2P marketing mechanism based on AI data stored in the block. This will ensure better ROI and better targeted campaigns for hosts.

    CryptoDNA Smart Wallet

    The heart of the platform that energizes its intelligent search engines and smartcontracts

    Why participate in the ICO

    CryptoBnB will revolutionize the hospitality industry and will be a disrupting technology step-up to the blockchain technology


    Token Specs:

    • Total CKey Tokens 1 billion CBnBs
    • 1 CKey = 0.08 USD
    • Token pricing as per Tier Model
    • Minimum Cap 1,500,000 USD
    • Hard Cap 15,000,000 USD
    • CBnB token is ERC20
    • Participants wallets must be ETH ERC20 compatible






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ICO Details

ICO «CryptoBnB» ICO Start: February 25, 2018

ICO «CryptoBnB» ICO Finish: May 24, 2018

ICO «CryptoBnB» Symbol: CKey

ICO «CryptoBnB» Platform: Ethereum

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