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ICO CREDITS Description:

ICO Description

CREDITS platform is a decentralized financial system for the direct interaction between participants on peer-to-peer (P2P) principles. The platform expands the potential of using financial services on the basis of a distributed ledger, self-executing smart contracts, and CREDITS cryptocurrency.

The system is aimed to unite all participants on one site, providing them with a platform for creating and using financial services; where everyone can both offer a service and use it. Thanks to a well-defined and balanced technological system, the CREDITS platform offers a new technical solution and a new conceptual model of networking participants' interaction for the development of modern decentralized financial services.

A fully peer-to-peer arrangement for service delivery systems which allows for forming financial services: money transfers, currency and value exchanges, crediting, funding and other services directly between participants. Everything is provided without additional intermediaries, according to a principle – one of the equal participants – to other system participants. As a result, everyone gets cheaper, faster and better services. The world is moving towards the direct interaction between people on peer-to-peer principles – equal to equal. A revolution happened! This is clearly seen by the overturn in the mass media: until the 1990s, newspapers, magazines, and TV were the main providers of information. Today, opinion leaders are bloggers, found on Youtube channels and social networks, money is invested in crowdfunding and ICO, and information is stored in decentralized cloud systems. The financial industry, perhaps, is one of the few industries that lags behind, that resists the introduction of decentralization and direct interaction between participants. Although, technically, it is much easier to create decentralized financial services than it is to create unmanned vehicles. A corresponding technological environment is required to create a system of decentralized financial products and services based on distributed ledger:

1. High execution speed (in seconds), together with the capability to handle a huge number of transactions simultaneously (hundreds of thousands per second) at a low cost of each transaction (for micro payments and non-cash transactions).

2. Development of a system where all participants and items necessary for the qualitative financial decentralized services are combined: personalization of users, KYC, credit history bureau, settlement centers of fiat money, withdrawal and cashing of cryptocurrencies and so on These are two big and basic tasks that currently hamper the development of peer-to-peer financial products. We present you a solution to these tasks, we implemented with the help of the CREDITS financial system.

CREDITS single technological decentralized platform can combine all participants of financial services, safely and quickly execute all transactions using the principles of a distributed ledger. Self-executing smart contracts and the principles of a federative voting system provide unlimited opportunities for all participants to create unique interactions of various financial products. The platform opens a new huge market and a new potential for using blockchain projects and services in financial and other sectors that could not be used previously because of speed and transaction cost limitations.

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CREDITS ICO Start: 02 15 2018

CREDITS ICO End: 02 18 2018


CREDITS Platform: Blockchain

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