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Crafty ICO

ICO Crafty Description:

ICO Description

Crafty is a platform that connects the various specialties service providers with their contractors, without charging any intermediation fee or centralized intervention.

Operationally is structured as a marketplace with several advantages as: • works in a market that, in Brazil (not to mention worldwide numbers), is officially evaluated over BRL 200 billion formal and at least twice such amount that acting informally (which means almost USD 200 billion in total); • the reorganization of the market to reduce its imperfections, especially with regard to intermediation, expanding the potential remuneration of the service provider, while enabling a reduction the cost of service; • the proposal of democratizing access to the market by reducing the asymmetry of information from the spread of reputation value as “collective currency”; • it’s totally free; • users (network nodes) are remunerated, ensuring the circulation of generated tokens; • scalability, as result of decentralization; • the possibility to be worldwide applied.

The application will replace other, called Diarissima, already in operation for almost two years, ensuring to the project the technical requirements and the necessary market for successful expansion.

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⭐ Crafty ICO details:

Crafty ICO ICO Details

Crafty ICO Start: 02 12 2018

Crafty ICO End: 04 09 2018

Crafty Symbol: CFTY

Crafty Platform: Ethereum

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