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ICO Description

Cowrium is a multidimensional blockchain project that comprises of a number of advanced blockchain solutions/apps with the aim to make blockchain adaptability easier, affordable and profitable for small businesses & enterprises.

The top applications on the Cowrium platform are:

  • A multidimensional smart contract
  • Cowrie - A mass-oriented crypto
  • CowDEX - An highly secured decentralized Exchange
  • ErrandBoy - A DAP that allows you send crypto & receives in Fiat
  • Cowrie Stability AI - An artificial intelligence that can predict the market and help suggest a foreseeable solution

A user of the Cowrium platform as well as the holders/investors of the project will get access to all these apps, along with the ability to use the platform/apps for their business growth.


Well, the existing crypto system doesn’t make it very easy for just anyone to invest in or benefit from the high-potential blockchain technology for things like making low-cost, cross-border payments, etc. Also, there is a serious lack of real-world applications that utilise cryptocurrencies.

Cowrium aims to change that with a blockchain ecosystem that will help small businesses easily adopt blockchain solutions to enhance their customer reach and grow the business with advanced tech resources.

Some of the features that make Cowrium better than most other blockchain platforms include a multi-currency payment system, smart contract library with 2-hop (PoW/PoS) protocol, atomic swap, intelligent pooling system, hyperblock technology, enterprise private contracts, recurring & scheduling payments, PrivateSend, support for multiple cryptographic algorithms, signing & address via Polysig, InstantSend, Smart Contract interaction between child chains, interoperability between the Conventional Ledger and Old Legacy System (Banking) and the New Ledger (Blockchain), merchant web solutions, multicoin browser & mobile wallet, custom HTML APIs for small & medium enterprises, prepaid debit card for consumers, merchant loyalty program, and referral rewards.


Why you should invest (buy Cowrie coin)

The Cowrium project will benefit individuals and businesses alike, no matter the industry or niche. It will enable an easy and secure way of making cross-border digital payments, converting crypto to fiat and trading on the crypto market with high liquidity.

Early participants of the sale can benefit more by availing exclusive discounts and bonus offers.

As the price of the Cowrie coin increases with demand over time, the long term investors can benefit from huge returns on their investment

The Cowrium platform and its cryptocurrency (CWR) can be used by masses and in a range of industries, thus overcoming the limitations of other existing coins.

Cowrie is a feature-rich, user-oriented and exchangeable cryptocurrency that will benefit all types of investors in the following ways:

  • Early participants of the Cowrium project can benefit by availing interesting discounts, freebies and bonus offers on the CWR coin sale (ICO).
  • Long-term holders can benefit by purchasing CWR coins at a relatively lower price (now or during the sale), holding them for a significant period and then selling at a much higher price in the near future.

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts, who are looking to join new opportunities in the crypto space or waiting for the next big blockchain revolution, can join the project as an investor or a user..


Cowrie Coin Purchase Methods

Cowrium ICO investors can use the following methods to pay for their coin purchases during the sale:


CRYPTO: Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), Stellar (XLM), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Binance Coin (BNB), Tether (USDT), TRON (TRX), Dash (DASH)


FIAT: Dollar (USD)

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Good project,but more exposures are needed.Certainly more investor are needed .At some points in the past many have been been defrauded of their had earned money. So to gain the trust of people we need more exposures and gain a better...

Good project,but more exposures are needed.Certainly more investor are needed .At some points in the past many have been been defrauded of their had earned money. So to gain the trust of people we need more exposures and gain a better understanding of how this asset and technology works. Thanks.

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✅ ICO Cowrium details

ICO Details

ICO «Cowrium» ICO Start: 2020-07-15

ICO «Cowrium» ICO End: 2020-10-30

ICO «Cowrium» Symbol: CWR

ICO «Cowrium» Platform: Independent Coin

ICO «Cowrium» PreICO Start: 2020-01-01

ICO «Cowrium» PreICO End: 2020-01-31

ICO «Cowrium» Offering Type: ICO

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