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CoooCoin ICO

ICO CoooCoin Description:

ICO Description

Cooonet Platform is a worldwide multipurpose online service exchange platform. Cooonet Platform offers an efficient and user-friendly digital alternative for users to search for and to provide all kinds of services online. All such online services will be hosted on Cooonet Platform’s digital sessionroom — service providers and service seekers, such as learners and tutors, will be connected through video, audio, text, image, file-share, and an embedded smart whiteboard interface. Users will also have access to a set of handy sessionroom learning features.

Cooonet’s vision is to become one of the main global online services platforms, especially online education and online counselling, tapping into the marketplace of an emergent global village, and positioning itself as a platform for secure, efficient, decentralized service exchanges in an interconnected and increasingly virtual world where internet connections are fast becoming the new standard. Cooonet Platform is designed and maintained by Cooonet Corporation.

Cooonet believes in human interaction and personal touch. Human roles in the service industry can never be fully replaced by AI, at least not in the foreseeable future. There already exists a huge Internet market for online services — academic tutoring, foreign language tutoring, online fitness training — but it is presently fragmented and largely decentralized. A platform that offers a centralized and easily searchable database of services; maintains rankings and review systems to ensure quality; guarantees safe and secure transactions; and seamlessly integrates education, work, life and leisure, and charity is a potentially massive runaway success. Cooonet is building a product that could be the next giant in the logical development of e-commerce — bringing the service industry into the cloud.

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CoooCoin ICO ICO Details

CoooCoin ICO Start: 10 09 2017

CoooCoin ICO End: 12 17 2017

CoooCoin Symbol: COOO

CoooCoin Platform: Token

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