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Content Coin ICO

ICO Description

Content Coin aims to position itself as the E-Currency of choice for the content creators and content consumers of the future! Content Coin believes it holds the key to the future of content marketing and advertising, creating a community of creators and influencers who are actually successful at engaging with their audiences.


Creating an exceptional content experience both for the influencers creating the content as well as the followers consuming it. A big part of our platform is to also create a culture of one-on-one influencer interactions (called content wars) where influencers and followers are able to mutually generate profits for themselves through creating and engaging with amazing content!


Being an active follower and viewer on social media is incredibly important to both the influencers and advertisers working on the channels we follow… But why is it that compensation only goes towards creators and advertisers? Content Coin believes that social media utilization should be mutually beneficial, both for influencers and followers.


What do you get for watching every video your favourite creator puts out? Currently, nothing. What do they get? Views, ad revenue, sponsorships, the list goes on. In the current state of social media the influencers and big companies backing them are the only ones who are rewarded. We want to flip the script on the way social media users are rewarded, helping both influencers and followers generate income.



✅ ICO Content Coin details

ICO Details

ICO «Content Coin» ICO Start: 2022-02-11

ICO «Content Coin» ICO End: 2022-02-26

ICO «Content Coin» Symbol: CONT

ICO «Content Coin» Platform: Blockchain/Technology

ICO «Content Coin» PreICO Start: 2022-01-11

ICO «Content Coin» PreICO End: 2022-02-05

ICO «Content Coin» Private Sale Start: 2022-02-18

ICO «Content Coin» Private Sale Finish: 2022-02-28

ICO «Content Coin» Offering Type: ICO

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