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Coliseum ICO

ICO Coliseum Description:

ICO Description

Coliseum is the next-generation entertainment and movie community focused on leveraging the blockchain technology, proprietary applications, and digital assets. Our objective is to bring the world of movie and entertainment shows by eliminating the barriers of borders, language, and others operational hurdles. To get to that, we have floated this ICO to provide an opportunity to cinema enthusiasts from all across the globe, to be a part of this entertainment revolution in the making.


Add to that, the whole architecture of Coliseum is built on the Ethereum ecosystem, means we have got 100% secures smart-contracts in place, an incorruptible system, and a rapid transaction speed.

The architects of our community at Coliseum hold a comprehensive and power-packed track record of involvement in numerous production associations that have delivered mindboggling results and high degree of engagement with the audience. They have built this platform to give the whole concept of film production become more transparent via the beauty of blockchain, and that’s why this ICO.


The investors/stakeholders, or the registered token holders, will become a component of our growing community and earn the profits in proportion of their holdings along with other parallel participants.

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⭐ Coliseum ICO details:

Coliseum ICO ICO Details

Coliseum ICO Start: 05 21 2021

Coliseum ICO End: 06 21 2021

Coliseum Symbol: COM

Coliseum Platform: ERC20 & BEP20(BSC)

Coliseum Offering Type: ICO

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