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ICO Coinstox

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ICO Description

Coinstox is a new marketplace which leverages blockchain technology to connect businesses looking to raise capital, with investors looking for small investment opportunities. We reflected on the general problems and difficulties companies have to face when it comes to raising capital. There is a wide range of potential investors, who are interested in investing small amounts of capital in all kinds of businesses. We offer decentralized block-chain technology for payments and finances, as well as “smart contract” for contracts with the investors.


There are no additional licenses for tokenization required, which makes the process even smarter and quicker. Every company owns an individual currency, The Tokens, which make trade possible and allow a secured form of investment. In return for their investment, the investors receive special offers from the company as well as the company’s individual Tokens. The Tokens can be exchanged with all other project Tokens, without raising marketing expenses.

Are you looking to raise more capital for your business or startup but don’t have the credit or balance sheets to attract the right kind of investors? The common channels themselves can be way out of reach, and on top of that, loan repayment interest rates are astronomically high!

How do you plan on launching or expanding your business if you can’t access the needed money? Start sourcing capital efficiently with Coinstox!

Discover a better way for businesses to gain access to capital and investors to invest in stable trades with Coinstox!



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✅ ICO Coinstox details

ICO Details

ICO «Coinstox» ICO Start: 2020-07-13

ICO «Coinstox» ICO End: 2021-01-10

ICO «Coinstox» Symbol: CSX

ICO «Coinstox» Platform: Ethereum

ICO «Coinstox» Offering Type: ICO

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