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CoinDogg ICO

ICO CoinDogg Description:

ICO Description

CoinDogg is introducing CoinDogg Token (DOG), a new cryptocurrency (ERC-20 Token) for the CoinDogg platform that will enable content creators to monetize their content across any platform while incentivizing fans to support their favorite content creators by rewarding them with tradable NFTs. The CoinDogg platform will facilitate both the monetization of content for creators as well as serve as an NFT marketplace for the rewards earned by fans similar to existing NFT marketplaces.


CoinDogg is on a mission to support independent content creators of all kinds by providing them with better ways to monetize their content and reward their loyal fans, all while accelerating the mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency. We envision our platform ensuring the internet remains a diverse, colorful, vibrant, and, importantly, independent place by supporting content creators of all types and reducing their reliance on traditional monetization such as digital advertising revenue. This will allow content creators to continue making independent content free from corporate influence. While utilization of the CoinDogg platform is available to content creators of all types, we expect early adopters to include gamers, podcasters, journalists, musicians, bloggers, YouTubers, and more.

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CoinDogg ICO ICO Details

CoinDogg ICO Start: 03 26 2021

CoinDogg ICO End: 04 24 2021

CoinDogg Symbol: DOG

CoinDogg Platform: ETH

CoinDogg Offering Type: IEO

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