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ICO «Circle»

⭐ Gaming & VR

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October 16, 2017 ● AMP Version link

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ICO Description

Project CIRCLE is a movement to release a prediction platform based on blockchain that is seeking capital contributions from the public. By releasing one-of-a-kind unique community, we aim to provide an environment where users will be able to enjoy being involved in the blockchain industry.

There are various platforms of gambling out there; public casinos, online casinos, lottery, horse races, etc. As recent technological innovation Blockchain, is being paid attention to as a mean to provide more fairness, transparency and provability into the field, how many people across the world are actually interested and are willing to play them using cryptocurrencies?

Are there actual frauds in public gambling? Are there really people who doubts them? We believe the most important thing for the blockchain industry to become more popular and actually be used across the world is, emerging of people who WANTS to use them and knows how to enjoy them further. This is the concept of where Project CIRCLE had come about.

Project CIRCLE aims to provide the most simple and fun prediction platform. Anyone would be able to suggest unique and exciting prediction ideas, and if the idea is adopted, the suggested user will be rewarded.



ICO Details

ICO «Circle» ICO Start: September 20, 2017

ICO «Circle» ICO Finish: October 20, 2017

ICO «Circle» Symbol: XCC

ICO «Circle» Platform: Ethereum

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