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Chynge ICO

ICO Chynge Description:

ICO Description

Chynge makes the world a better place. With the digitization, democratization and socialization of money, we make payments instant, free, and safe within a decentralized financial system where people of all income levels can access simple-to-use and secure financial services. At Chynge, digital payments are instant, free and safe.

Chynge Central, our flagship product, is a decentralized software service to manage money transfers between countries. Chynge makes cross-border payments that are instant, free, and safe powered by our smart compliance and blockchain. Chynge has a unique multi-sided payments business, in which a large, closed-loop payments network connects both senders and recipients.

Chynge is a multi-jurisdiction, regulated digital payments network where money moves instantly and safely with zero fees. Our ambitious goal is to capture 40% of the global crossborder payments market within the next decade. We benchmark against Skype which captured 40% of the global long-distance calls market within ten years of its debut.

Chynge Vision Statement

A better world, where money is democratized and socialized.

Chynge Mission Statement

To be a leading and giving corporate citizen, innovating technology in a responsible way to provide a world-class money transfer service to every customer and business.

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⭐ Chynge ICO details:

Chynge ICO ICO Details

Chynge ICO Start: 06 28 2018

Chynge ICO End: 11 30 2018

Chynge Symbol: XCLP

Chynge Platform: Stellar Lumens

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