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ICO «Charg Coin»

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October 19, 2017 ● AMP Version link

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ICO Description

CHARG COIN solves a problem all electric vehicles have in common: finding a charging station reliably, anywhere in the world, anytime you want to recharge.  By connecting homeowners with drivers, no environmentally conscious driver ever needs to worry about running out of power again.  

That's because anyone in the world who purchases a stake in Charg can rent their electricity to the growing myriad of electric cars on the road!  Earn extra Charg Coin if you're a property owner, go anywhere you want for less if you own an electric car, everyone wins!

Charg isn't a company.  Charg is the tangible result of a smart document which rides on the Ethereum Blockchain.  This smart document lays out a simple but strong foundation for a global energy-sharing program to thrive and grow.  Charg Coin LLC is the steward of the coin as it transitions from centralized to decentralized on the world market.  Utilizing the Ethereum platform (and later switching to Litecoin), Charg seeks to turn itself into the Uber or Airbnb of electric vehicle charging, sin centralized corporation. 

Electric Vehicle (EV) Driver Incentive to Use

The Charg app will make it easy for drivers to connect with all of the charging stations in existence.  Because public records already show drivers where over 100,000 charging stations are located* , the market is already there for EV drivers to utilize.  What makes the Charg app so special for drivers is that it connects them also to privately owned charge stations for hire, which opens the door to a world of new charging station locations and lower prices.  In urban jungles where parking and charging simultaneously within walking distance of your destination is literally impossible, turn to Charg.  For rural stretches where even gas stations are sparse, Charg is there to keep that battery FULL.



ICO Details

ICO «Charg Coin» ICO Start: September 25, 2017

ICO «Charg Coin» ICO Finish: November 15, 2017

ICO «Charg Coin» Symbol: CHARG

ICO «Charg Coin» Platform: Ethereum

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