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ChainGold ICO

ICO ChainGold Description:

ICO Description

ChainGold is a reserve gold cryptocurrency backed by pack of expertly priced physical gold, evaulated by Germany based precious metals evaluation institute.

Selling physical gold requires finding particular buyer, who will like your particular gold bar or a coin. With ChainGold, you can sell your tokens to anyone in the world, at any time you wish.

Where to store your physical gold bar so no thief nor family member finds it? With ChainGold, you do not have to be worried about it! Your tokens are securely stored, thanks to cryptography of Ethereum and BSC blockchain.


The CGOLD token itself is focused on qualified and unqualified user. During the issue, exchange and over-the-counter (OTC) sales of the issued CGOLD tokens are considered.


ChainGold is merging what we believe to be the 2 best crypto use cases:

a. An unique digital token

b. Store of Value backed by real evaluated gold


The solution (ecosystem) itself is covered (secured) not only by CGOLD tokens, but also at the level of the entire ecosystem in the terms of technical as well as assets aspects, which result has significant reduction of investment risk for users (CGOLD holders). Every on-chain sale is processed through the Smart Contract, that is recorded as a transaction on the Ethereum blockchain.

⭐ ChainGold ICO details:

ChainGold ICO ICO Details

ChainGold ICO Start: 04 01 2023

ChainGold ICO End: 10 02 2023

ChainGold Symbol: CGOLD


ChainGold Offering Type: IEO

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