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ICO Carbify

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Carbify ICO

ICO Carbify Description:

ICO Description

Carbify aims to make a meaningful impact through compensation rather than offsetting. Despite this, the company believes it can also contribute to offsetting efforts as its CO2 quality is superior to others in the market, and its certification methodology fully supports the validity of its CO2 tokens.


The company emphasizes the importance of using only qualified and high-quality CO2 for offsetting rather than carbon credits or similar products. Carbify provides several opportunities for users to earn rewards, including bonuses for utilizing all of the features within the ecosystem. Additionally, users can increase their earnings by participating in triple-down promotions.


We are hosting a private and public sale at the same time. Cause why not? It’s pretty straightforward.

Private sale Genesis plot owners: 5000 $CBY tokens for each plot owned at 20 cents per token.NFTree owners: 250 $CBY tokens for each tree at 20 cents per token. Example: You own three plots and 25 trees -> eligible to buy $3000 + $1250 worth of $CBY.

Public sale 100 packages containing 20.000 tokens are available for $5000 each.100 packages containing 10.000 tokens are available for $2500 each.100 packages containing 4.000 tokens are available for $1000 each.

You can pay using USDC, BUSD, USDT or other tokens (please get in touch with us to arrange this)


ICO Carbify Video Presentation:


⭐ Carbify ICO details:

Carbify ICO ICO Details

Carbify ICO Start: 03 27 2023

Carbify ICO End: 03 27 2023

Carbify Symbol: CBY

Carbify Platform: Polygon Blockchain

Carbify Private Sale Start: 2023-03-27

Carbify Private Sale Finish: 2023-03-27

Carbify Offering Type: ICO

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