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CamOnRoad ICO

ICO CamOnRoad Description:

ICO Description

Smart Labs team has developed and issued a platform called CamOnRoad, which in the real time collects, stores and processes a lot of videos and telemetric data from automobile roads from all over the world. The basic parts of the system include: mobile application – dash camera, private cloud storage, artificial neural networks for processing video, public cloud storage and video search engine.

Core features Thanks to the basic functionality of CamOnRoad, this solution is in high demand among a large number of users who at least occasionally sit behind the wheel of a car. Today the following functions are available:

• Dash camera as CamOnRoad mobile app for Android and iOS with the functions of a trip computer and speed cameras detector;

• Automobile online navigator with the elements of augmented reality;

• Streaming or uploading the users’ videos to a cloud storage with the system of video validity verification;

• The possibility for the users to earn internal cryptocurrency of the app (CAM) if they permit public usage of anonymized copies of their video records on the platform (audio track would be deleted);

• The possibility of neural networks training to search for various objects (people, dogs, billboards) and events (traffic accident, meteorite fall) in videos;

• Search for videos by place, date, time, recorded events or objects (for example, search by plate numbers);

• Subscription to various events or objects appearing in the uploaded videos (for example, red light running of a random vehicle).

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⭐ CamOnRoad ICO details:

CamOnRoad ICO ICO Details

CamOnRoad ICO Start: 10 15 2017

CamOnRoad ICO End: 11 12 2017

CamOnRoad Symbol: CAM

CamOnRoad Platform: Ethereum

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